Who we are?

We are a Youtube Channel.

We are also blog, but what we best do is to create videos with music to sleep, music to relax, music to study, music to concentrate, meditate and others. We provide videos to adults and kids. For adults, we play relaxing sounds (rain, fireplace, frogs, crickets, etc..) and relaxing music (new age, classical) combined with nice videos from beaches, winter cozy cabins, medieval cabin or tavern, cities at night. For kids, we have 2D and 3D animation with gentle and famous lullabies, like Brahms Lullaby and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


About us

What's our purpose?

To give you the best content to you relax, sleep or study over all internet!

How it works?

We play video collections or static images, combined with the best relaxation sounds, new age and classical music. Sometimes we also play Jazz and Blues.

What we mean by relaxation sounds?

Well, the idea it's to bring you some relaxing and white noise sounds, like: water, rain, fireplace, wind, waterfalls, and night sounds (crickets, frogs).

What about the video content?  What we show precisely?

Hum, we try to vary as much as we can. There are a lot of different people in this world, with different tastes and preferences, right? So you'll find different types of videos, to try to cover all preferences. For you that just want static images, or even black screens: we'll provided it, because you are only looking for relaxing sounds, right? Also, If you want to relax, study, meditate or aims to relief the stress, you can also watch some small collection of videos showing (sometimes 4k): cities at night, skylines, nature, the moon, fireplaces and others

This is just for adults?

Of course not. We also have a playlist for babies and you can play to also get your beloved child music to contribute to their brain development while they get relaxed and fall asleep. Also, have you tried this sleeping and relaxing songs with your cat or dog? You should try!