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What really works to make me fall asleep?

Well, I think I don't have the right answer for you. Actually I've never thought that this blog would bring the right and infallible tips or tricks to sleep just after you lie in your bed. That's not my idea.

[OBS: English its not my mother language and I'm not a writer - So, sorry by the typos]

From my experience, some methods works in different niche of people. So I'll try to bring and discuss with you different methods, suggest by different authors.

Anyway, this is not the only purpose of the blog.

I need to really be honest with you, so I'll also use this blog to share all the night thoughts that comes to mind my that makes my rest a little bit harder and what tips found on internet (or books) that really helped me.

Do you have too much to worry? I have. Honestly I think everyone in this world have your reasons to be anxious or worries that makes difficult a really good night of sleep.

BUT, I won't elaborate more on my daily nightly challenges to sleep. I'll let this for the next post.

Since this is my first, I have a lot to do and to organize in this website and also in my youtube channel.

I just need to tell you something:

No method has worked 100% with me, neither my videos has so much power depending on how was my day!

So why I have a youtube channel, a website and a blog about it?

[Youtube Channel] First, because I like this kind of content and I have never find a channel about music to sleep, relaxing music or study music that matches exactly what I like. I like, night sounds, rain sounds, fireplaces sounds, but sometimes, I like to see some nice videos together. Different then most of youtube videos and channels that just show static images or even black screens. Anyway, I'll focus in provide content for every tastes, so I'll also upload static or black screens.

Second, I have a child and all videos I published in the kids session, I'm did this for him. So the short answer is that I created the videos thinking in me and in my son. Publishing this videos I did thinking that sometimes I could turn this habit in something more professional in a way that a can hear feedbacks, improve the videos, and work in something that really interests me more than being in an office.

[website] I did to keep this blog.

[blog] Because I want to share my thoughts and experiences with my youtube videos and tips to sleep, since I've being struggling to sleep 8 hours since I was born. Medicine its not something I consider all the time.

By the way....

Do you know my youtube channel? Please visit us and give your feedback.

Do you want to know more about it?

I'll let here just a taste of it:

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